What is a Wish List?

Ever had one of those moments?
You walk past a shop window, then stop in your tracks and go back, because something in the window is calling out to you “BUY ME!” Then an annoying little voice in your head tells you that you really can’t justify buying it right now. Then there’s that beautiful skirt that you've tried on twice but you can’t quite afford at the moment. And of course Christmas is just around the corner and everyone’s going to want to know what to get you.

Well that’s what a wish list is for...
Tell us whatever in the store your heart desires and we’ll tell your Fairy Godmother (or your partner / best friend / favourite niece) and you can be sure to get EXACTLY what you want. They’ll thank you for making their lives easier and you’ll thank them for getting you the perfect gift.

Just complete the form below and let us take it from there!

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